Disney DIY

Hello all! I am writing to you from the land of Magic and imagination aka Disney World, duh. So let me just tell you all how I ended up here… I have a friend, a Disney obsessed friend to be more specific. She used to work here at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and still has some hookups so we decided to venture on down and check it out!


My favorite parts about the trip thus far are:

Disney really has thought of everything- it’s all so convenient. We have magic bands that we use for literally everything and multiple different means of transportation for anywhere you want to go. Want to go by boat? Sure! How about bus? Okay great. Oh you want the monorail? Perfect, lets go.

It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to the parks. We have spent a day at each one to get a taste of all Disney has to offer. But let me just start with our lodge… We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge and I have to say that every time I walk into this place, I am literally transported right into the outdoors and it’s a great escape. Waterfalls everywhere, fireplaces, buffalo lamps, wooden EVERYTHING.  It’s beautiful!


Okay on to the parks..


Animal Kingdom– glorified zoo with amazing live shows, especially the lion king. We had fun cruising through the African Safari.

Animal Kingdom


Hollywood Studios– takes you back in time. Favorite place was 50’s Prime Time Café! Everyone here really gets into character and it’s quite entertaining.

Hollywood Studios


Magic Kingdom– truly the most magical place on earth. Makes me feel like a kid again. Adored the fireworks show around the castle!

Magic Kingdom


Epcot– ate an appetizer and got a drink from every country around the world.. what can get better than that? Everything was sooooo delicious.



My not-so favorite parts about the trip thus far are:

It’s just hot, so very hot. Coming in July is a struggle. It has been 100 degrees almost everyday with the humidity. Never thought I would be so excited for the rain but it rains here in Orlando around 3:00pm everyday and it helps to cool everything down a bit.




Anyways, to get in the Disney spirit my friend Brigid and I decorated our magic bands AND made some cute DIY Minnie Mouse ears for the trip. We got lots of compliments!


We added stickers with our initials to our magic bands:

Magic Bands






Ear Template

Black Foam Board


Scissors or Exacto knife


Glue gun


Minnie Ears Supplies



1.     CHOOSE a couple different flower bundles. We chose 4 different flower types.

2.     PRINT out the ears traceable template here.

3.     TRACE ears onto the black foam board.

4.     CUT out the black foam board. Then cut small circles of cardboard to fit in-between the ears.

5.     FOLD the black foam around the headband where you want it and glue together with cardboard in the middle. The cardboard helps your ears to be sturdier.

6.     SEPARATE all the flowers from the stems and make a pile.

7.     GLUE all your flowers to the front of your ears until full!


Minnie Ears

Minnie Ears


We head home tomorrow, so I’m off to enjoy my last day of vacation for a while. How sad!


Happy Creating!




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